Who are we?

Raccoon Soft is a company specialized in software development
Raccoon Soft is a company specialized in software development. Our many years of experience of electronic trading platforms, banking applications, and popular social services development allow us to deliver projects with high demands to their performance and trustworthiness.
The company was founded in 2016
and having more than 10 years experience in development and maintenance of complex software in various branches.
Today we are a team of more than 100 experts working
with clients from different counties with focus on results.

Our goals

We offer our clients technological solutions delivering real benefits for their businesses.
We understand that our success is measured by our clients’ success – it’s that simple.

We do not create just software – we create solutions.

It is important for us:

  • To do a good job
    We create fast and easy-to-use products.
  • Transparence
    Be real, be yourself. To do an honest job for the Client.
  • Speed
    Better fast than slowly, however quality is our priority.
  • Gratitude
    It is very import for us that our employees feel that what they do has value.
  • Delivering results
    Activity with no progress is useless. We aim to make our work significant and effective for our Client’s goals.
  • Pleasure from work
    Enjoy solving complex problems and celebrating success with fellow thinkers.

100+ employees

developers, quality engineers, analysts, designers, project managers, and experts

10+ countries

Our team members work from all over the world - Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Georgia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Indonesia and others
Placing strict requirements to hard skills and personal qualities of our employees, we were able to gather a team with unique experience and its possibilities exceed the middle level in the market.
We try to ultimately computerize routine and minimize our need in administrative staff.

Be a part of our team :)