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Total projects 14+

The most complex part in any software is calculating which is in addition packed in “hidden” business logic and business processes and it is called backend development. Raccoon Soft has qualified architects’ and developers’ team in such languages as Java, .Net, NodeJS, PHP.

Among complex and would-be scientific development fields we have projects in:

  • Financial technologies
  • Medical systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Artificial intelligence and computerized learning
  • Document flow systems etc.

Backend development in these fields is often connected with maintenance of:

  • Huge traffic loads
  • Instantaneous rate of reaction
  • Big data
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Neuronic nets
  • Manufacturing scales


Java .Net NodeJS PHP


Total projects 14+

We provide both immediate and detailed consultations in a number of engineering issues and organization of labour in an IT-team:

  • Analysis or preparation of architecture for applications and services
  • Examination and preparation of recommendations on cooperation in the team and development approaches
  • Recommendations for trainings for your employees based on your activity area
  • Review of your IT-department or subcontractors for compliance


Analysis and Design

Total projects 4

More than a half projects in our portfolio are connected with development of mobile applications and web-sites interface design. These services are divided into several steps that also can be performed independently:

  • design prototyping
  • user actions prototyping
  • creation of concept design
  • composition of ready templates
  • virtual brand creation

One of the most popular and “relatable” type of services aimed at the end user. Web development often includes all: prototyping, composition, and backend/ frontend development. In this field we offer development of:

  • Content management systems
  • Portal pages
  • Knowledge bases
  • Commercial portals or shops
  • Web applications
  • Hybrid solutions

Business application is a trend today. Mobile technologies enable creation of wonderful things in virtual reality and speed up communication processes of business and clients to one click. Our mobile development team will create for you:

  • Android applications
  • iOS applications
  • mobile web applications
  • simple games
  • AR-applications

Raccoon Soft has a team of business analysts from various business branches. Business analysis is an important step of any development because it describes the mutual understanding between the customer and the programmer excluding the possibility to create a project that was not “looked for.” However, research is a complex task, including without limitation:

  • Creating a road map
  • Creating a technical requirement
  • Prototyping and designing
  • Assessment of a ready technical requirement, creation of a set of user stories

A part of our projects’ portfolio includes a “turnkey development.” It is supposed that the full responsibility for the analysis and the final results shall be taken by the customer, not excluding the right input data from the provider. This service includes a lot of steps, some of them are:

  • Creating a technical requirement
  • Evaluation of tasks and risks
  • Planning, architecture
  • Development
  • Tests and problemsolving
  • Open starting
  • Maintenance
  • Closing the project

We love what we do. But we love to cooperate with our colleagues even more. We do not have competitors – we have partners. And our partners are often using our services when our employees are implemented into other IT companies. We provide to our partners employees in the following fields:

  • Development
  • Business analysis
  • Tests
  • Administration

It is a common thing for a lot of Internet-users to contact Customer Service. However, from an organization point of view this service is a very complex system where the right balance between the number of employees and the problem management system is important.

We perform technical monitoring by means of adjustment of the observation and reactions system monitoring stability of operation and accessibility of critical services.

We adapt user support processes according to ITIL principles.

Artificial intelligence, neuronic nets, and computerized learning are very important steps in big data processing, statistic analysis, or preparation of BI data for evaluation. Today Raccoon Soft has several experienced specialists in the advanced developments departments ready to enter your project to research your business and implement AI.

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