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Fintech is one of the most complex and essential branches in the information space. Almost everything including manipulations with finances can be considered as financial technologies. The most evident will be developments connected with cryptocurrencies, financial enterprises (such as banks and banking companies), and, of course, payments and transfers, investment companies. As less evident can be named insurance and personal data safety. Even calling a taxi online or buying tickets to the movies are fintech.

Financial companies use a lot of technologies and these are some of them: blockchain, big data, biometry, AI and computerized learning etc. Each of these companies aims to simplify performance of transactions and activities in the life of the end user and to make them more comfortable.

Raccoon Soft is the responsible general contractor on development in the field of fintech in the majority of its projects. All the above fintech sections are covered by practical experience of our company.

Exchange platforms
Financial risk management
Social payments
Automation and AI for building financial systems
Crypto arbitrage
Loan servicing
Brokerage Solutions
Wealth Management

These systems are literally designed to “manage relations with the clients.” Each company, independent from its business volumes, uses one or another CRM-system: one part of them is standard and unified and is being sold as mass cloud solutions, and the other part is a unique development for a big enterprise; something can be stored in an excel-table and the other clients’ database takes terabytes of data and has twisted client production business logic.

These systems include the following main sections: recording of contacts, services’ price calculation, meeting planners, mailing management, inventory, document implementer, business process customizing, managing of finances/ projects/ deals, reports.

The advantage is that turnaround transactions are being made much quicker, the control over effecting deals is simplified, and the business is upscaled.

Raccoon Soft was mainly focused on cloud solutions systems or developments for enterprises.

We focus on business environment and business trends, that’s why Raccoon Soft is deeply involved in development of this field. One of the most complex and essential branches in IT is social media. They go beyond popular open resources because almost each large company has its own internal corporate social media. This system allows to manage safe data exchange within the company, the possibility to evaluate company interests and conditions for employees, and to personally record cards and cases; gamification of business process is also important. This may also include messengers replacing “classic” social media with users’ profiles.

Implementation of technologies into business management reduces its expenses at strategic milestone and increases production levels by reducing the human factor in data processing, calculations, and even generation of new processes based on knowledge base. We use business processes building and document flow automatization systems to solve such tasks and are experienced in writing our own. Training systems also fall into production systems automation.

These services are used by companies of any size.

The transport sector got essential in our world and looks like social media for vehicles now. Moreover, we have Internet of things now, including self-driving vehicles. The reasons are simple: it is needed for delivery services, taxi, supply support, control over traffic security and effectiveness, training and professional development. We understand how important it is that these systems function accurate and consistent because transport is a physically dangerous area. For example, if a transport net fails to function synchronically an accident can happen, the timetable will be compromised, people can be hurt, or another business can be negatively affected. Raccoon Soft has examples of large-scale transport nets automatization in its portfolio.

The most complex and responsible knowledge area connected with human health. It is complex due to plugging into scientific instruments with specific drivers, complex equipment regulating systems, AI and computerized learning. There are, however, classic systems that we develop: storage of patient charts, patients’ reception control, medical knowledge bases etc.

Distributed computing and data storage systems are a quality trend in management and implementation of information systems. Cloud systems suppose also accessibility of data at top speed in the whole world, safety, and minimal demand for maintenance compared to support of your own data processing center. Complex information forecasts and data analysis, AI and crypto-mining are very difficult to do without cloud technologies. It is ultimately about effective resource saving. All large projects of Raccoon Soft were delivered using cloud technologies.


It got too complex and difficult to hunt and hire staff. Earlier companies’ representatives went to universities and booked students for decades. Now people have much more possibilities to be a valuable specialist: individual study, taking a course, study by an employer. People got mobile and now you can find an employee wheresoever. That’s why Human Resource and Talent Acquisition service is necessarily a group of professionals in various fields who can find, communicate with, and convince an employee to work for you. Raccoon Soft grew fast in the recent years, so we have opened our own HR-department and will be glad to share its services with you.

The subject of marketplaces got very popular a few years ago because it is easier for people to look for an item in specialized aggregators. This IT-section often requires non-standard solutions because it is not only content part and management of several types of users, but also system of involvement of a lot of suppliers and integrations of various additional services: payments, communications.

B2B and B2C business principles can essentially differ in traffic volumes, UX and UI specifics, and some other cognitive twists differentiating corporate and private user thinking.

Raccoon Soft is one of the experts in marketplaces.

B2C Marketplace

Companies use master data management to organize, centralize, update, and transfer data about the product to a lot (endless number) of sources. If the main business of the company is based on selling of products, it is logical to ensure that each employee has access to the source of information on the product. And MDM-systems will be a magical solution to manage and control the life circle of important data. This field includes sets of instruments to process, protect, and fix delivery of original data that can be compromised due to substitution or transfer. It is also important to know that these solutions differ from Engineering Data Management (EDM).

Raccoon Soft has delivered a project to implement MDM-solutions to its large corporate customers.

When big data and systems of their analysis appeared – new problems followed: “incorrectness of statistics” and problems with visualization as a result. The problem is that the machine does not foresee critical specific traits of business and AI for business is always a “black box” often less trusted than an individual making an analysis. The basis of work in this field is the right rollover, processing, capture, and as a result – visualization of data. In this section we specialize in BI-analysis and Data- and Product-analysis.

Each day we use mass IT-products and it means that such products and systems are in urgent need of resources to hold this huge traffic flow. Complex calculations additionally distributed between several machines can also be considered as high-load. Requirements to read fast or write tons of data. Or perform transactions without transactions at auctions and wages. The above is only a part of what developers are confronted with in IT-field and business digitalization. So many of expert fields mentioned on our Web-site include large projects that are complex from the architectural point of view. Such systems are very expensive in maintenance and resources, however, it’s worth it, when we are talking about a mass service.

Open immediate connection around the world, a dream 20 years ago, is our reality now. This is one of high-load systems types that can differ by stream processing of incoming data: such as video or audio. It is difficult to overestimate how useful and essential these projects are both in public and in business sectors. We encountered with some interesting foreign and domestic projects in the field of video conference communication and telephony.

Each experienced and starting out businessman tends to think that they are unique. To check the hypotheses, it is obligatory to build a startup and test it, then to increase. It’s a startup. Difficulties in teambuilding, management of development terms, speed and quality of implementation of each step before release at the funding stage and much more besides are problems that should be solved. Creators often intend to put their ideas into practice fast and by themselves without due experience and Raccoon Soft can solve your problems with digitalization of your startup: we have invaluable first-hand experience and experience of our clients, we are professionals in development, have a portfolio of startups that became real businesses with our help.

Earlier we had Web-sites, now we have aps. The reason is simple: individuals and corporations (also consisting of people with mobile devices) are now all online and mobile. An ap is easier and faster to access from a device, and of course very comfortable to use. These are also often complex systems consisting of a couple of frontends for various mobile operating systems and backend that can be highly loaded, complex, distributed.

Raccoon Soft creates aps in the field of social media, arbitration, and mass services.

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